Friday, February 1, 2008

The Last Glass of Whiskey

A drunk walks into a bar and orders a glass of whisky. He takes several gulps and... dies a sudden death.

In Heaven he begs of God, "Please, bring me back to the bar for a moment. I just want to finish drinking. There is still half a glass of wisky left. You can even turn me into a fly or a spider, just let me drink it up."

So God agrees, turns the drunk into a spider and take him back to the bar. The drunk finds himself on the bar ceiling, just right over the unfinished glass of whiskey.

"How can I reach for it from here?", the drunk asks God.

"You are a spider, aren't you? So you can make some web. Exert yourself and it'll come out of you, so you can go down to your glass."

The drunk exerts himself and a web really begins to come out of him. He exerts himself again and again going down to the glass. Suddenly the web stops.

"What should I do now? I'm doing my best, but there is no more web!"

"Exert yourself as hard as you can!", God advises.

The drunk makes one more effort with his last bit of strength and... Suddenly he feels someone tap on his shoulder... and hears his wife's voice, "John, wake up! You've SHIT your pants!!!!!"

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