Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Blind Merman

A blind merman swims into a bar and orders a glass of clam juice, when the bar tender returns the blind merman asks if he would like to hear a blond joke?

The bar tender leans over the bar and says, "Before you do I must warn you! Over there at the end of the bar is king Neptune's ex-captain of the guards who was fired today, he is blonde. At the other end of the bar is a professional hitshark, he is blonde. My 480 lb door man is in a bad mood because a blind shark ate his wife 3 days ago, she was blonde. I lost my scalp to a sword fish 3 weeks ago, I was also blonde".

He than asks the blind merman if he still wanted to tell his joke.

The blind merman feels his watch while he is in thought, he then replies, "I'd like to share a joke with you guys, but unfortunately I have to leave here in 3 hours and don't have the time to explain it you all you blondes."